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Welcome to Rob’s World!

I have many interests, the most powerful of these are learning new things and staying active.

I enjoy the outdoors and chose a field that allows me to be outside most of the year.
Camping, traveling, old cars, history, and building/creating things are what gets me out of bed every morning.
Sharing these things with my children and others brings me joy.

I hope you enjoy the page.


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Welcome to Rob’s World!

Summertime Adventure in an old car

Teardrop Trailer

1948 Camping Trailer Project

Modern version of a 1946 camping trailer

Camping and Vintage Auto Hill Climb

Vintage trailer axle rebuild

Cabin Car Trailer Archive

Hayes Trailer Archive

Vintage Trailer Pictures

Vintage Trailer Slide Show

My Old Cars

Pictures of Old cars pulling trailers

Photography hobby

Oldest Child slide show

Motorcycle trip out West

Stories and writing

Cargo trailer axle rebuild

Cool videos

The End...Until My Next Adventure!

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